This post didn't seem too far from existence when considering my previous. But the time came to sit and reflect on the madness my December encompassed, to try and make sense of everything. So I did just that, typing it up to expose myself in the hope that maybe there would come a happy ending.... Continue Reading →

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The day all mental health advocates rise from the dark, limbs digging out through the soil like zombies shunned for speaking too much, bodies buried under 'stigma' and 'fear' and 'taboo'. The day we share hashtags and stories of bad times, speak on how #ItsOKNotToBeOkay and the importance of #MentalHealthAwareness. The missing apostrophe in the... Continue Reading →


And when you finally realise you've been used the whole time, it's as though a brick has just hit you in the face. It all begins to make sense. Like clockwork, every moment shared is scheduled, follows a routine that you were too naive to realise was constantly reoccurring. The cycle went on and on... Continue Reading →


It started a few months ago, when I first received the email advertising the competition. On a whim, I entered, thinking my idea held significance and could one day change the world. We all had to start somewhere. But only now, 3 to 5 business days later, have the events finally processed through my sleep... Continue Reading →


The slow rise and fall of her chest, her aged hands folded so elegantly upon her stomach. Intellectually, I know the pipes attached to her are necessary. But the irrational and emotional child curled up inside wants nothing more than to rip them away, to rid her of the unnatural looking tubes so casually woven... Continue Reading →


It's a basic human instinct; we need it to stay alive. In fact, if we erased it completely, all life will probably seize to exist. So I don't say we rid ourselves of it completely, we shouldn't take on life without an ounce of it flowing through our blood. But I say it's important to... Continue Reading →


Independence wasn't something I had a lot of growing up. Rarely was I allowed to go out with friends on weekends and holidays, and so I hardly ever socialised with people outside of family functions, school and the extra classes I'd been thrown into. As much as I hated my whereabouts being monitored, it's only... Continue Reading →


Perhaps I should begin with an explanation as to why I decided to start sharing my deepest and darkest thoughts on a platform so very public. And oh how I wish I had an answer to my own questions. But I don't. You see, I told myself many years ago I would start a blog... Continue Reading →


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